Are you looking to participate in an upcoming fitness event?

Many clients at 747Fitness enjoy competing in fun run events, such as Run For Kids.
Whether you’re a serious runner training for marathon or triathlons, or just wanting to enter a fun-run to help support a certain charity. Depending on the time of year we have clients preparing for full and half marathons, such as;
-  Run for the Kids
-  Mothers Day Classic
-  Run Melbourne
- Tough Mudder
-  Eureka Tower Climb
-  St.George Melbourne Marathon

Every year a myriad number people enjoy participating in fun runs and charity events all year round. These events are great fun and you can chose how serious to wish to undertake it the event. These events are such motivational targets, as not only will you have the satisfaction of completing a challenging event, you will also gain success in knowing that you done something good.

Whether you want to complete one these events in a competitive time, beat your best previous effort or simply try to complete the course for the first time, 747 fitness can help you get there with a structured program based around your personal fitness goals. We will use our running expertise to get you fit, and ready, whatever your fitness level may be to prepare for the big event itself! The hardest obstacle to overcome for weight loss and fitness, is finding motivating and eating right.


The 747Fitness boot camp class is a great outdoor training fitness session which aims to enhance fitness levels, whatever those levels may be. We cater for all ages and fitness levels! It is important that every single member of the team is involved, so don’t worry about feeling left out or left behind!!

Want an all body workout? Each class will consist of using all groups of muscles, and also will include elements of flexibility, boxing, weight training, running, abdominal workouts and fitness challenges.
The exercises and training principles in our sessions are constantly changing to keep classes interesting and exciting. An example of our sessions would be located at various beaches and parks which include these challenging principles.

ALL fitness levels are more than welcome

747fitness is not just about getting fit and improving your health, you will form great friendships!

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